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Should I eat expired protein powder?

Should I eat expired protein powder? Whey protein powder. Should I eat it when expires?

This question comes up alot actually. Should you, or should you not, eat expired concentrated protein powder. Well there are things you should look for before eating up the sometimes expensive powders.

Does the powder have a best before stamp or an expiry stamp.

Some companies will label their product with a best before stamp. This sometimes means that it is still alright to eat, but may not have the same effect, such as it’s original great taste, or strong % of protein. This does not mean that the “Expires on” stamp actually means it has gone bad. In some places their are laws and regulations that make it so a product has a certain shelf life. Once this shelf life is over, the company will label it as the expiry date. The retailer then has to remove it from it’s shelves, but can still sell the product at discount prices from its stock room.

What to look for?

This is always tough, actually deciding if you should eat the powder or not. It is so expensive to just go out and purchase a new container, and its so tough to just throw away that bottle you told yourself you would use the last time you worked out! So what types of things can you look for? Well, I’ll say this now. If you have a product that has any types of dairy products, or anything that you think could become dangerous to digest, you obviously should not eat it! If you have just concentrated protein powder, then you should be ok. Look for anything like damage, or anything that suggests that there was tampering with the container. You do not want to eat bugs, or protein powder that has absorbed moisture over time!

If in doubt…

If you are in doubt. It doesn’t hurt to contact the manufacturer. Try giving them a call and seeing what they think. You could always talk to a professional at your local health store. It can never hurt to get more then one persons oppinion.


How To Get A Boyfriend

You’ve heard it all before. To get a boyfriend you just need to be yourself, and it’s true, but sometimes yourself needs a little guidance to help you get there, and that’s what this article is all about.

Confidence is key in getting a boyfriend. Even the shyest girl can be quietly confident in her own way, it’s all about your attitude. Confidence is one of those times in life where you just have to “fake it til you make it”. This means if you pretend like your confident, and act the way your think someone with confidence acts, eventually you’ll actually start to feel confident. This needs to be a constant mind set if you’re ever going to get the guy of your dreams.

Being social is the next most important step. Having lots of friends (male and female) gets you that much closer to having a boyfriend. Simply being friendly to everyone you meet is a great place to start. If you’re outgoing, start conversations with people who seem friendly back. If you’re shy, simply flashing a smile and letting them approach you is a good method too. Smile, laugh, talk, have fun with your new friends. You want to get a reputation as a friendly, approachable girl so guys feel more drawn to you.

Work with what you have. Looks aren’t everything, but they are a part of life and a part of love so it never hurts to be aware of your appearance. Know that you are beautiful and show it off however you can. Take care of your hygiene (that means showering, brushing your teeth, deodorant, etc.) and the rest will come more naturally.

Once guys start to notice the new you, you need to be ready to deal with them. Don’t play games, try to be as honest as possible without looking desperate or pushy. Let them come to you and make sure you know how they feel before you completely give up your emotions.

Most important (even though you’ve heard it before), be yourself. There is actually very important logic behind this. If you aren’t being yourself and someone likes you, once you start dating you’re either going to have to keep acting like someone else and lying to the person you’re with, or else show them the real you and lose them. If you’ve been yourself all along, you can just keep being yourself and be happy with the person who chose you for you.

Everycollegegirl.com did a great post on How to get guys to notice you


Deep Cleansing Your Pores

A great way to improve the appearance of your skin and help fight acne is to deep cleanse your pores on a regular basis, here are some good ways to do that.

Hot Towel Method

This is the quickest and easiest way to deep clean your pores. Simply take a clean face cloth and run it under steaming hot water until the cloth becomes very hot. Carefully ring it out and quicky drape it over your entire face as you lay back and relax. You can leave the cloth on until it becomes cool for a good, effective steaming, or if you’re in a hurry, even just a few minutes does your skin good. After removing the cloth, splash your face with cool water to clean out your freshly opened pores, then cold water to close them up again.

Kettle Method

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Simply boil a kettle of clean, fresh water. Pour the boiling water into a bowl and lean or lay with your face over the bowl. Drape a towel over your head and the bowl. The steam should now be trapped by the towel and be directed onto your face, allowing it to completely open and cleanse your pores. As the water cools, the steam will disappate. After this session you should splash your face with cool water to clean out your freshly opened pores, then cold water to close them up again.

Homemade Mask Method

There are lots of recipes avaliable online for homemade facial masks. Here is a good one for deep cleaning: You’ll need one very ripe banana to start. Peel and mash the banana and mix it with a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of juice from an orange or a lemon. Apply to your face and let it sink in for a good 15 minutes before washing off.


There are also lots of products you can use that make pore cleansing easier. You can purchase pore cleansing strips which you apply to your nose and allow to harden before pulling off. There are deep cleansing scrubs and cleansers. You may also wish to invest in a facial steamer, which provides results similar to the kettle method but of more professional, salon quality.

I hope this article gave you some good ideas to get started on deep cleansing your pores. Remember deep cleansing is meant for maintaining your skin, and should only be done once a week at the very most. Too much deep cleansing will only irritate your skin and cause further problems.


Canada Classifieds Expand

Canada Classifieds Expand

Canada classifieds SellitBuyit.ca has expanded again! We now cover British Columbia. The new province has the same features as Alberta & Manitoba. We try to cover every area possible. Cities like Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Burnaby, Kelowna, Whistler, & many more! There are a few bugs we are still working out so please bear with us. If you have any feature requests, questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at info@sellitbuyit.ca.

To check out the new British Columbia Classifieds, click the link below!

British Columbia Classifieds


Alberta Classifieds, We’ve got you covered!

Alberta Fre Classifieds.

Alberta Free Classifieds.

SellitBuyit.ca Canada is proud to announce that we have expanded. We now cover all of Alberta! The new province is a lot like Ontario but it has its differences. Users can now enjoy the spam/scam free reply system. When a reply is entered into our system, it is placed inline for review. This feature is still in beta and could be implemented into SellitBuyit.ca Ontario within the next few months. We have also tried a new feature where users can easily select their town or city from a list of communities.

Where is it?

To check out the new SellitBuyit.ca Alberta, click here

We want to know what you think.

Please let us know what you think by commenting on the comments below or by sending us an e-mail at info@sellitbuyit.ca


Get web site traffic. Boost Page rank.

We all want traffic and very few actually know how to get it. So how can you get some web site traffic? The answer is pretty simple. Actually doing it is another thing. To build traffic to your web sites, you need to link. You need many incoming links. As many as possible actually, and not just from anyone. The search engines are watching who is linking to you!

Make sure that when sites link to you, they have similar content. It is not a bad thing to have sites linking to you that are not even related unless the site is not a quality site. You don’t want sites with bad raps linking to you. You then look affiliated with them.

Directory listings Matter!

Listing you site in directories is a never ending job. It is always worth the time you put into it, but staying motivated is always tough. Something you need to remember again is to have your sites on pages with similar content. So if your site is in a directory. It is worth so much more for it to be listed in the appropriate category. I have designed a directory that is starting to grow that you might want to check out. The listing fees are not bad and this directory will fill up fast. The page rank is going to begin to build fast so I’d recommend getting in there fast. The URL is: http://directory.sellitbuyit.ca


Can I actually make a living with Adsense?

Can you really make a living with google adsense.

Can I actually make a living with Adsense?

I get this all of the time! Yes, people are really making a living with Google Adsense, but that does not mean you can
to! It’s all about how hard you work, and how you optimize your site. It’s about building an audience, and not getting
frustrated. It’s about time and patience! In this article, I am going to point out some different ways that can get you on your way to making a living with adsense. Remember, not everyone can do it!

What is the most important thing to do?

Traffic Traffic Traffic ! It’s all about traffic. You may not know how to generate traffic from the search engines like
Google and Yahoo, but that is ok. Everyone has to start somewhere. Again, it is about keeping at it. If you want it bad enough, and can put in the work and not get frustrated with the slow results, than anyone can do it. Look up different ways that you can make your website start getting hits. There are many things you probably don’t even know about how Google and Yahoo look at your web pages. I will be writing an article in the next couple of weeks showing you exactly how to get to the top of the search engines. It took many painful years to learn and I’d like to help you so that you don’t have to deal with the frustrations I did. Look back here in a couple of weeks for a link to that article.

Optimizing Your Ads!

A thing I see commonly is when a web site decides to start showing ads on their website. They usually just place a small ad block somewhere on their site and expect to get rich! You have to optimize. Did you know that there are different spots on every website that perform better? Google actually has things like heat maps to help you. Look into that type of thing. Don’t just expect to make big money by throwing your ads on your site just anywhere.

You also need to have your ads colored properly. The types of colors that you think would perform big, actually do
not. It’s all about your website. Try blending them into your website. Make users not know where your sites content ends, and Googles ads begin!

Don’t give up!

I know it probably seems impossible to make it, but you have to stay positive. There are people making livings with Adsense. There are companies that generate more then half of their revenue through adsense. Work on building a good quality site. If you build quality, the search engines will see that, and send you traffic. People will link to you, and you will see things coming together. Don’t give up. It’s possible!


My Samsung SyncMaster 913v stopped working!

The 19″ flat panel Samsung SyncMaster 913v is a good monitor, but it has its problems. I run a couple of SyncMaster 913v’s on this computer and now have had troubles with both at some point. The newer one died almost completely within 6 months after purchase. However, Samsung does offer a 3 year warranty which is nice. The older monitor has become very dark over time and I’ll have to get on exchanging it.

Samsung does offer a nice way to get a replacement with their advance exchange program. How this works is, They send you a replacement monitor and in the box that it came in, you send them back your original monitor. The exchange seems easy, but it’s not. You have to go through Samsung directly and it can be a real pain getting things setup, and knowing when things are actually setup and ready to go. You may have to contact them a few times before the exchange actually begins. For me, I contacted them and asked what to do. They told me about the exchange program. I signed up for it. I then sent in my proof of purchase, and they said it was ready to go. I then did this 4 times over the next month and a half before it actually got underway.

The Samsung SyncMaster 913v does come with a 3 year warranty. Now even though they do send you a replacement monitor if yours breaks down, You have to realize that this monitor is a refurbished one from someone else in the same exchange program.


Bidvertiser, Is it worth your time?

bidvertiser, is it worth your time

What is Bidvertiser?

Bidvertiser is an alternative to the big PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising companies such as Google or Yahoo. How it works is, You place their codes on your website and earn money every time one of your web site or blogs users click on an advertisement.

We have used Bidvertiser for a few years in the past for other smaller projects. They are a reliable company, and do have some things to be prowd of. You can be sure that you will get your money with Bidvertiser and they are playing fair. That is something that we always worry about when taking on a new company to monetize our website.

How much will I earn?

Of course you would ask this. Bidvertiser pays fairly. They are not exceptional or poor. Just in the middle I guess. The project that we will outline here is a web site. This site at the time brought in just under 1000 page impressions daily. For 1000 page impressions, it usually earned from .40 cents to $2. With some days not generating even one click! Why is that you ask? It is simply because, Bidvertiser does not have the bulk load of advertisers that Google or Yahoo has, meaning you are not seeing targeted ads! Targeting is everything when running PPC on your website. This does not mean that you can’t make it targeted though. Bidvertiser offers an onsite advertiser sign up feature. This feature pays you very generously when you have users sign up.

Well that doesn’t really sound good

It can be! If you have a website with bulk loads of untargeted traffic, Then Bidvertiser could obviously out perform Google or Yahoo. Those programs advertisements are targeted to your pages content, Bidvertiser’s are not. Not like the alternatives that is, but if you receive a large number of traffic and the users are not exactly looking for something particular but are using your sites services, whatever that may be, then this could be a good program for you.

Is it a good alternative to Adsense or Overture?

Bidvertiser has its pros, as it has its cons. I wouldn’t say it is even an alternative as much as another option. Bidvertiser does some things that are nice that the big guys do not. With Bidvertiser, You can customize your ads to a far new level that everyday Adsense publishers cannot. You can do custom ad square sizes and even change everything to do with the fonts. A problem with Bidvertiser is that they do not have anywhere near the same amount of advertisers as the big guys. Your pages will rarely load without displaying ads, but most times you will not have relivant ads at all, even though during the registration process, you get to decide which category best suits your website or blog.

Here is a list of pros and cons compared to other programs.


  • Minimum payment is alot less then other companies
  • Customization at a new level. Customize almost everything!
  • Payments can be made into PayPal accounts
  • Ads can be opened in a new window so that users don’t have to leave your site.
  • Decide which advertisements you want to be displayed on your website.
  • Cons

  • Displays non-relivant ads. CTR far lower.
  • Slower Loading
  • Known to not load for days at a time
  • Medical ads like Viagra display frequently.
  • How and when do they pay me?

    Bidvertiser, unlike Google, pays you when you reach just $10! They will pay you directly into your PayPal account at that time if you choose that option. If you would like a check, You only have to wait until your account balance reaches $50. Google’s minimum payment amount is $100, which can be a very long time for smaller websites.

    So should I use Bidvertiser or not?

    What we always say is, Give it a try and see what happens!. There is nothing wrong with trying something new. What is the worst that could happen? No two sites monetize the same. Bidvertiser could be exactly what your website has been needing.

    Start Making Money with BidVertiser

    Get $20 in FREE clicks from Bidvertiser.